Clarifying Opinions and Facts~ The Saga at the Plaza Part 1

On Tuesday evening this video was posted to Facebook via a page that has been recently created as an outlet for misinformation and gossip about my family.

This is the you tube link. No shame in sharing. Have fun.

The page stated their video shows

1. A customer bolting away

2. Joe actively stalking V/E

3. The children clearly being neglected, no care at home

4. The county’s utter and complete failure to uphold law, and their gross incompetence.

I have to agree with #4. But I’ve been talking about the failure and incompetence of law enforcement for years. This isn’t a new revaluation for me.

But let’s discuss the video and the first 3 claims, which are blatantly false.

There is a back story here which will be told in another post. But since 12/22/16 this man, William “Eric” Martin, has made numerous threats against my husband because of an incident earlier that day, which involved a few curse words. My husband was advised to fill out an IPO on Mr. Martin. The video is the business neighbors documenting the IPO being served.

Lets begin.

The video starts with the basics. The officer reads the IPO to Mr. Martin. After the officer informs him of the 500ft they begin down the road of misinformation. They tell the officer that they feel Joe is lying about his role in our business and that he is lying to the state about his income to avoid child support. In this same breath he claims to be owner of his business. I’m not going to argue his role, but he and Mrs. Smith-Adams are not legally married and based on a search the business is assumed, not confirmed, to be a sole prop. My business is an LLC. We are legally married. Not that any of that matters, but it was addressed in their video so I wanted to clarify. I don’t think any party has more of a right to be in their business than another. We filed the IPO to protect ourselves. Not to cause anyone else harm. That was just an unfortunate consequence.

She then accuses my husband of grabbing his genitals and filming her. This isn’t so. I can’t prove a negative, this will have to be taken on our word. Regarding filming, we don’t film her store, we record when people act against us.  She claims I follow her all over social media. I do not. I keep up with the FB pages and websites that target my family. She happens to now be posting on those pages. If she posts elsewhere online, I have no clue. But I am aware of her posts on those pages. I have never contacted any of her children, family, friends or clients or anyone else associated with her.

She claims her daughter is in counciling due to “these sons of bitches” -his words. I’m not going to minimize or assume anything about her child’s mental health. But if a 30 second argument led this child to counciling, stop and think about what the behavior of this mob has done to my children for the last 21 months. Thankfully they are strong children who aren’t dealing with other issues such as being a child of divorce and parental alienation. I know nothing of the circumstances but the child is not living with both bio patents and that is hard in any child. I do not appreciate being a scapegoat for this. It’s not fair to put all that weight on us.

The “customer” she refers to walking up, is a business owner in the plaza who goes to the hair salon next door to her shop to buy sodas from their vending machine. Later in the video she says “did you see my customer leave, it happens a lot.” He wasn’t a customer, he was a neighbor. We have never caused a customer to leave her store. We have never disturbed her business. Aside from the week or so she opened up and the 30 or so seconds on 12/22, we have never been to her store. When I walk to other business in the plaza, I walk down the middle of the parking lot.

At this moment my husband pulls up, and they accuse him of stalking, screaming that he was video taping. Considering my husband was in the driver side of the vehicle driving, no stopping, I’m not sure how he could be taping inside her store. She then tells the officer my son is on probation in another county, then says he was charged with pointing a fire arm at somebody. My son is not on probation and has yet to have a court date. The alegations are based on an afadavit that conflicts with another affidavit, 2 audio recordings, and 2 separate 911 calls. But this woman who knows nothing of my family, is now pushung this info as if she is informed.

He says we’ve made so many ridiculous allegations. We have not made any allegations that we have not documented. Everything we have said they have done, we have proof of. She then brings up our March 14th court date. It’s not family court, but how would she have memorized our court date for a loose horse? Why would she know that date off her head?

I cant quite understand them talking over each other, but they said something about my husband working or not working and claims my husband has child support warrants, possibly felony. This is total bullcrap. My husband has no active warrants and makes his arrearage payments and has been for years. This is just more testimony to the gossip these people use to discredit my family and justify their aggression towards us. Otherwise why even bring it up? Then they get into who is watching our children. Then talks about how we have no lights, no water. We have lights and water but they pretend we don’t. Who’s at home right now with 10 children?

Well, no one was. My children are sitting in that van or are inside the business. Our 10 minor children were with us that day… laundry day… see the shop towels. With a grooming salon and 10 wild free range homestead living unschooling children we do a lot of laundry. And with the local laundromat we can do a weeks worth of laundry in an hour or so and for under $40. So that’s what we do.

So now they are back to my 16 year old, and obsessing again about who is watching my children. As if it’s actually their concern. I have 2 minor children and one adult child old enough to baby sit  (boy that’s strange to write, I have an adult child) anyhow we are more than capable of providing proper supervision for our family. Then she goes into the open CPS case. Again, as if any of this has anything to do with the fact an IPO was just served to Mr. Martin. But she goes on about how we got a GFM. And then the officer talking what they just said, assumes the tables are turned. So these people sit there and tell a half sided story of our lives, then try to convince him they are the ones being stalked. After this video they went and filed reciprocating IPOs. That same day, after the video Mrs Smith/Adams posted of them keeping their eye on the target and her tagging my business page, I filed an IPO on her. The time stamp on the IPOs were an hour apart, tho it took two days for them to serve her as she was not at her business even tho she was legally allowed to be, and I have no idea of her home address nor do I want that information, so it was not listed on the report.

Now onto the audio. This is a two hour podcast they did on February 10, 2016. The threats they have made  in this podcast are what prompted my husband to file an IPO on Mr. Martin. Mr. Martin confesses in this podcast that he followed my husband to court to fuck with his head. His intent was to intimidate, harass, annoy, or alarm another person by  (d) Follows a person in or about a public place or places; (e) Engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts which alarm or seriously annoy such other person and which serve no legitimate purpose; AND A person is guilty of stalking in the second degree when he intentionally: (a) Stalks another person; and (b) Makes an explicit or implicit threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear of: 1. Sexual contact as defined in KRS 510.010; 2. Physical injury; or 3. Death.—- Considering the collection of explicit and implicit threats towards my husband, he was in reasonable and justifiable fear of Mr. Martin and his potential to “teach my husband a lesson”. While the local authorities might brush this off, we take it very seriously.

These podcasts are difficult to use and just as difficult to listen to. I’ve not listened to more than a few minutes of a previous podcast with a prior employer so when I had to sit through all two hours of this for our case was mind numbing. But its here if you want to listen. I won’t waste any more of my time explaining their nonsense. If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments.

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  1. Here We Go Again

    For NO REASON AT ALL your husband called a local business owner a “C***” In front of her child. I would be all upset too. You keep ignoring that fact. You can smear it any way you want to but will ultimately end up losing. What a proud man of character he is!!

    • Blessed Bloggers

      So swearing at someone is grounds for threatening someone’s life and stalking them for months on end? Do you know what people have called me over the past two years? Have you seen the verbal abuse that’s been directed towards me? To our children? And yet my husbands character is so forgiving and kind he’s not stalked or threatened to kill one person. Imagine that.

      If my husband swore at someone he had a reason. Maybe people should learn to leave us alone.

  2. I told you, these people get malicious glee out of tormenting you. They are sick and dangerous.

    • Blessed Bloggers

      It’s crazy. I personally don’t care what they think, but they cross the line far too much

  3. These folks are ridiculously stupid and toxic as all get out.
    I’m sorry you have had to deal with them and I absolutely hope that things get better for you from here.

  4. Publiccommentsprivatelife

    Say what you want. The “trolls” would have never even known who Viv was had you not posted her daily happenings on your fb to take attention off yourself. Amazing how everyone forgot about what happened to ranger once all this started? Cry and play victim all you want. Your families dysfunction spills over into innocent people’s lives. The lady he menanced? She just had water, the other shop owner? Her dog her property. What’s the common denominator? Naugler. These people were going about their daily lives and happened to unfortunately cross paths with people who insist on living through the internet. So by proxy their lives are being broadcast for the world to see, only with a spin that makes them demons that would dare confront a (chronically) pregnant lady and her brood. Maybe if you two and now apparently minor children following suit, would learn you can’t go around acting any kind of way under the guise of rights, btw everyone else has rights too, you wouldn’t be in this mess and constantly with your hands out. You wouldn’t be waiting to move until you can afford gas money, you’ve spent had to be a small fortune in the past few years in court trips alone. Grow up

    • Blessed Bloggers

      False. They would have never known her if they just left things alone. The video Nicole posted never identified the business and it didn’t harm her business in any way. The trolls fueled this as part of their game. Ranger is alive and well. The Nauglers life didn’t spill over into anyone else’s, they jumped in with both feet. As far as the menacing if you knew what actually happened it wasn’t about water, water which wasn’t even hers. The Nauglers have not violated anyone’s rights. And you have no idea what is happening in the families personal matters. It would be prudent if you stopped acting like you did.

    • getalifeyouidiots

      Maybe you should grow up. I may not agree with all that the Nauglers do but I think if everyone would just leave them the hell alone none of this shit would go on. Seriously! What business is it of yours what they spend their money on? If they want to set it on fire and dance around it naked it is their business. Maybe you shit stirrers should go on with your own fucking lives and sweep your own front porches.

  5. Seven comments…now 8 if you have the balls to approve mine. Two of those 7 are you. Two are telling you that you are the problem and two are “supporters.” The end has come Nicole. Your original followers recognize that they have been conned. They understand that everything you utter or write is a lie. As an example….how did the move go? You didn’t move because you and Joe couldn’t grift the money.
    You posted a pic of two of your boys having an Arbys meal. I can guess that at least you and Joe had one as well. Your FB posts were asking for gas $$ for your move and yet here are the Arbys meals. Did you know that the money you spent on that fast food could have easily purchased beans, rice, fresh veggies and a protein (maybe kill all those roosters you have) that would have fed your family for a couple of days? You know, if you were actually homesteaders. Joe would benefit from a healthy, high protein diet. You are not even quasi homesteaders. Not. At. All.
    This is merely one example of how you lie and deceive. I feel so sad for your children. They deserve so much more than you and Joe. Maybe CPS will actually do their job.

    • Blessed Bloggers

      Peggy. Here is the part where I lay it out for you. No one cares what Peggy Billingsly from Alaska has to say about her opinion of the Nauglers in Kentucky. Not even me, Nicole Naugler.

      You have no facts. It’s all just mindless chatter. Speculation at best. Maybe if you stopped to realize that my family is just fine and CPS has no use for all your gossip and opinion you would be rid of the worry that consumes what little bit of time is left in your life. Move on Peggy. Find peace now before it’s too late

    • Speak for yourself “Peg.”

      The Nauglers have plenty of support, regardless of your own deceptive hissy shrieking. Nice try at trying to distort reality. Please, get a god damn life. You reek of desperation.

  6. Dear Nicole,

    I hope you understand. My empathy and sadness has turned to frustration in reading about the ongoing – for what seems a very long time now – struggle and conflict within the community, that you’re having.

    Please, what about a little accountability? Is there anything at all regarding this whole debacle, since 2015, and the incidents previous, that you can take some personal responsibility for? The truth is that, sometimes – at least, once in a while – many of the problems you or I face, are a direct result of our own actions – in this case, yourself and/or your husband’s very own actions. It is okay to admit defeat. We are all inperfect. Please. Have some humility and take responsibility for what you can – you would have more support and understanding if you did. Humility is an amazing character trait.

    A child will learn a lot from a parent who can stand up, admit what they did was wrong, apologize for it, and move on, demonstrating humility and God’s grace – now that is a strong character – the kind of person a community will stand behind.

    You still have our support! And in the meantime, as always, you have our family’s prayers, all the way from CA.

  7. The ones who cannot move forward with their own lives are those who host numerous pages, have podcasts, blogs, and travel around the country interviewing anyone who might add to their gossip against Joe, Nicole, and now their children. Go on with your own life! If you feel your job was to expose the Nauglers then you’ve done what you set out to do. All you’re doing now is flapping your lips and wearing away your fingerprints as you pound on your keyboard. Those who support the family will continue to do so. No one needs your permission. They still have many supporters who just don’t want to play your silly games. We are able to communicate with them via phone, messages, email, visits, etc. By the way, many of us have been doxxed, contacted, and spied on by you people. Some of us have also reported it and have those reports on file with local authorities. The best way for nonsupporters to help the Naugler children is by backing off! Allow the family to work their case and put energy into the property and business. The county doesn’t need you interfering in every aspect of their business.

  8. You know what’s much, much worse than someone supposedly neglecting their children on a homestead?

    Someone spending countless hours, days and years dedicated to harassing another person while simultaneously also neglecting their family and life.

    Whoever is this dedicated enough to constantly troll, embarrass themselves, and expose them self as highly mentally unstable, has obviously been very hurt and unhinged by you Nicole. Consider it a victory that you’ve driven them to mental instability and desperation 👍🏻 They’re the ones who look crazy, insane, and mentally ill. Not you.

  9. The youtube video is no longer there. Are the videos posted somewhere else?

    • Blessed Bloggers

      They took it down. They scrubbed all the videos before court

  10. Great I agree with you.

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